Short notes on Food, Nutrition, Health, Nutrients

Short notes on Food, Nutrition, Health, Nutrients

Food is one of the fundamental necessities of life. It is more than other fundamental needs haven and apparel. For a long time, we have gained a lot of data’s about the utilization food as a piece of our locale social, national and religious life. It has been utilized a declaration of affection, fellowship and social acknowledgment. Thus, food or its absence has extraordinary effect on the predetermination of one’s health and the network on the loose.

Food, nutrition, health and nutritional status are associated with life. Thus, we mi have legitimate clearness of these parts of healthy life.

Food is what supports our body and keeps us healthy. It tends to be characterized anything eaten or alcoholic, when gulped, processed and acclimatized in the body, keeps it well. To put it plainly, food is the crude material from which our body is made. When we taker sort of food, we guarantee great health which could be clear in our physical appearances, work effectiveness and enthusiastic prosperity.


Nitrition is the ‘Exploration of foods’- the nutrients present in them, their activity, connection and equalization in relationship to health and infection. It has been characterized as ‘food’ at work in the body’. Nutrition incorporates everything that happens to food from the time is devoured, until the point when it is utilized for performing different elements of the body.


Health implies finish physical, mental and social prosperity. Be that as it may, he usually suggests to the ‘general’ prosperity of the body or the condition to be ‘fit’. Health is seen contrastingly in alternate points of view. As indicated by the English expression Health is a state of being protected and sound where as word reference clarifies health “as the condition of being robust and sound in body, brain and soul particularly free from physical illnesses or agony Further, World Health Association (WHO) gives a more unequivocal meaning of health-“As a condition of finish physical, mental, social prosperity and not just the nonappearance of infection or sickness. It encompares all parts of life set up together in a way that is agreeable as that one can appreciate an energetic life in work and play.” Every one of these definitions infer that health is multidimensional and there is association of every one of these perspectives physical, mental, social and otherworldly health. Thus, health incorporates finish prosperity of the person in body, psyche and soul.


Nutirents are the part of food that is required by the body in sufficient add up to develop, recreate and lead a typical healthy life. These are proteins, starches, fats, nutrients, minerals and water.

Nutritional Status

Nutritioal Status is the condition (state) of health of a person as affected by the use of nutrients in his body. This can be found via cautious restorative and dietary history, an intensive physical examination and fitting research center examinations.

Great or Sufficient nutrition

Great or Sufficient nutrition suggests that the fundamental nutrients are available in right sum and extent. It likewise demonstrates the way of supplement usage, with the goal that the most abnormal amount of physical and psychological well-being is accomplished all through life time.

Nutritional Consideration

Nutritional Consideration is the use of the science and specialty of human nutrition to food and individuals. It is the utilization of nutritional information in choosing and arranging of dinners and the arrangement of these suppers in such an approach to make it broadly adequate, to feed their bodies healthy and in ailment for the duration of the lives.


Malnutrition implies unwanted sort of nutrition, prompting sick health. It results from need, abundance or awkwardness of nutrients in the eating routine. It includes two sorts under nutrition and over nutrition. Under nutrition alludes to lacking/inadequate supply of fundamental nutrients, though in over nutrition, there is abundance supply of at least one nutrients, which makes worries in the body capacities.

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